Noorani Qaida Beginners

Noorani Qaida is the basic book to understand Quran. Kids can learn qaida noorania easily with the help of teacher. The book has basic necessary chapters to understand the different words, following with tajweed rules. This makes an easy approach for non Arabic children to learn Arabic letters in the initially stage.

Learn Noorani Qaida – Beginner’s Guide

How to learn Noorani Qaida’s 17 Lessons which are Steps of Guidance? It is available in 17 chapters. We will teach how to read the basic letters in the beginning with proper pronunciation. After completing each lessons of Qaida Noorania,you will get a chance to revise it again. The readers normally, can be kids, adults as well as females. You will understand the rules of tajweed. Arabic qaida is an islamic book for the beginners. It will give you strength of going towards Quran learning with complete knowledge. It is supportive book towards learning Quran in proper way.

Step By Step Guide Noorani Qaida for Beginners 

If you looking for course, which helps to learn, proper quran reading, quran recitation with tajweed rules, then you must learn Noorani Qaida. This book facilitate you how to recite Quran with perfect pronunciation. Now, we will guide you the basics of Noorani Qaida book. This will help you to understand its importance to learn Arabic and Quran Kareem courses.  As we mentioned earlier, there are 17 chapters and lessons. These lessons demand to read and understand. It will ultimately leads you for proper reading and recitation of Holy Quran, Hadith and other Arabic Books.

This interactive Noorani Qaida is specially designed for kids as well as for beginners. Now we brief you step by step the importance, the introduction of what about inside these chapters and how these lessons will help your kid to understand the Arabic letters and words:

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Noorani Qaida Highlights
Basic Qaida Course

Noorani Qaida Lesson 1 : The first chapter of Noorani Qaida is consisting of 29 letters (Arabic Alphabets). All of them are single letters and also known as Huroof.  We, should must indicate that it is one of the most important lesson. Therefore, we are focusing with due care on the beginner’s student for identification and right pronunciation of these letters. If the student at this stage perfectly grips the Arabic letters, we are assuring, as he or she will understand the latter chapters quickly.

 How to Pronounce Arabic Letters with Correct Makhrij?
  • Meaning of Makhrij: Makhrij is basically the origin to pronounce Arabic letters. There are total 5 areas of the throat and mouth where from these 29 letters come out with their origin pronunciation.
  • There are 3 letters which can pronounce with the empty space in the mouth and these are ALIF, WOW, YA, especially when they are in Maddah Prolonging condition. From the throat there are 6 letters which will come out. Some are come from the tongue. With the help of  two lips and from the Nasal Passage.

This piece of work is our little efforts to assist for those students who is intending to learn qaida online. The above guidelines are basics, however, reading noorani qaida with tajweed rules, you will learn from your teacher. By completing the Qaida book, though Quran learning for beginner’s course ends. This makes the next stage reading and recitation of Holy Quran easy for you.  We have listed all pages of Arabic Noorani Qaida here.

Finally, by ending up the discussion, we recommend you learn Noorani Qaida in a very first stage. It is the most important book towards learning lessons for the beginners. This is the best guide for reading Quran.

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