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Many Muslims who do not speak Arabic want to learn Quran Tafseer online as they find difficulty understanding the meaning of verses. This language barrier restricts them from fully understanding what the verses of the Quran really mean. The verses of the Quran in each surah have a separate meaning in entirely different aspects. Without knowing the background, readers might be unable to understand what the Creator wants to tell us. 

Some people find it hard to understand the Quran and have trouble finding a tutor who can help them, especially if they live in a non-muslim country. If this is your case, Riwaq al Azhar has designed this course especially for you.

This course is specifically designed for non-native Arab Muslims and is taught by certified Azhar instructors with good English skills who are native speakers of the Arabic language. By the wisdom of our teachers, you can understand the complex words in a very simple way as well as gain a great deal of benefit derived from the verses and Surahs of the Quran. Teachers use authentic tafsir books to explain their interpretations in a way that students can understand. In addition to teaching you about these benefits, we teach you how to apply them in your everyday life.

What Does Tafseer Mean?

‘Tafseer’ means lifting the curtain and clarifying a matter. It is derived from the Arabic word ‘Fassara’’, which means to make something clear, show the objective. In other words, the Tafseer constitutes an accumulation of knowledge aiming to explain what the Quran actually says, the injunctions upon which it is based, and the history of its revelation. 

The Quran is the speech of Allah, and its meanings are infinite and the profundity is beyond human comprehension. The more you spend on analyzing it from all sides, be it linguistic, logical, or theoretical, the more you will be able to learn from it and create a more meaningful relationship with Allah SWT.

We know that even reciting the Quran without understanding its meaning is also rewarding, but, interpretation of the scripture is necessary in order to understand its true meaning. If someone doesn’t speak Arabic as their mother tongue, they must familiarize themselves with the Quran translation and Tafseer in order to truly benefit from all the teachings. Quran Tafseer is crucial for those who wish to have a better understanding of its Arabic verses.  

The Holy Quran is the complete source of guidance in almost every matter of life. In addition to describing past nations, it also offers solutions for personal, social, economic, and political problems.

The Holy Quran instructs human beings about the true purpose of life and how to live a happy, successful, and healthy life in this world and in the next. The timeless wisdom of this divine book can only be fully appreciated when one fully comprehends its true meaning. If this is something you want, our online Quran Tafseer course is specifically designed for students who wish to understand the true meaning of the Quran.

Quranic interpretation does not come naturally since each Ayah needs to be read in the context of its revelation. At Riwaq Al-Azhar, our tutors who teach the online Quran Tafseer course are carefully chosen to ensure that they are qualified to teach it the proper way. Our online Quran Tafseer course is ideal for students who wish to get a detailed understanding of the Quran through word-by-word translation or in-depth analysis.

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